How Managing Realtor Email Lists More Effectively Will Convert To Sales

Managing Realtor Email Lists More Effectively

The way that a real estate agent manages their realtor email lists will have a big impact on their closing rate. Even if you run a small business with a relatively small client list, it is important to ensure that your lists are well organized and include data on how much each client is willing to spend, the neighborhood in which they would like to live, and any other preferences that they have communicated with you. By keeping all this data close at hand, and creating a list that will enable you to drill down by category, you can better target the audience for each bulk email that you send.

Think carefully before you send a mass email. Some realtors choose to create an email blast to all clients each time they find a new property at a great value. Sending emails that do not fit the specific criteria set out for you by house hunters will only make them less likely to read correspondence from you in the future, which will hurt your chances of closing a sale. Instead, every time you find a new property, narrow down your contact list to contain only those buyers for whom the house is within their price range and meets at least most of their expectations.

Make sure that each bulk email feels personalized. The best way to do this is through a mail merge program. These programs are designed to enter a prospect’s name or title into the salutation field, and again in any other part of the email where such an address would be appropriate. This will not only give the impression that your mass emails were written solely for one client’s eye, improving the chances that they will respond, it will also make it far less likely to end up in a Spam folder.

Update your list of email addresses regularly. Most real estate agents will have an ever changing roster of clients. As new clients are added, or as deals are closed, be sure to update your mailing lists to reflect this. This will ensure that you are reaching out to all your active accounts, while not bombarding former clients with unwanted solicitations.

A good real estate agent will build time into their day to maintain and update their realtor email lists.

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