Backpack Leaf Blowers – Most Comfortable Solution For Your Garden

Nowadays, the technological world has improved a lot, in such a way that can be adapted to every customer’s needs or physical structure. The back-pack leaf blowers are very suitable for a larger yard and for those customers who have a very strong physical constitution, due to the fact that they should be carried on the back. The best such devices are the gas backpack leaf blowers, because they can be powered on a much powerful source and they will be perfect if you have a large space to clean in your own garden.You should not worry about the fact that being on gas they are also heavier or noisier, because these machines have padded harnesses that can distribute the weight and, so, you will be able to carry them comfortably.

You can find many backpack leaf blower reviews, many of them on online sources. This way, you can choose the best models for you, the ones which offer the best quality at the best price and take care of your physical estate.

Among these, there is the husqvarna blower, which is a very professional model and it is specially designed for those people who make from gardening a job. It is very light and compact and it is perfect even for a home use. The model is provided with a trigger-controlled air flow which takes care of the important aspect called pollution, in almost every sense it can be created. The most important fact is that it is not so noisy,as its volume can be easily adjust to every environmental condition of space and size.

Husqvarna back-pack blower is also provided with padded shoulder straps and with an anti-vibrated engine which confers a high level of comfort so much that you won’t feel exhausted after using it. It can be handled very easily, also using the guidance from the instruction manual and it offers high results, by cleaning your garden of any unpleasant leaves, grass or other debris.

Then we have the stihl backpack leaf machine, and it is well known the fact that Stihl company is the best on the electronic tools market. Buying this type of backpack leaf blower, it will make you certain about a high level of power, one of the most professional performance and the cleanest machine, as the Stihl model has been called the „greenest“ backpack blower in the industry. It is very comfortable to be operated with, shares a full efficiency, and has been designed even for the hardest works. If you have to get rid of a mountain of leaves, or other yard debris, you can easily count on the Stihl backpack leaf blower.

So, don’t worry anymore about the fact that you won’t be able to clean the large amount of mess on your garden. Just be careful to have one of the backpack leaf blowers for yourself!

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Moving – Organizing For A Stress-Free Day

To help organize things to run as smoothly as possible, read on for tips on how to organize the best possible moving day. So you have bought the house that will accommodate all your needs, now it is only a matter of relocating your family and all your stuff. Believe it or not, simply transporting the belongings you have had for years can be even more stressful than purchasing a brand new home.

When the idea of moving comes up, most people immediately think of a bunch of cardboard boxes. Something that may not come to mind right away is informing everyone from businesses, government utilities, your bank, and the post office of your imminent, new home address and contact information. It is a great idea to take care of all this a month ahead of time. You will definitely not want to deal with paying for your old property’s utility bills or not receiving your mail after you are ready to settle in your new home. With all the hustle and bustle of packing, labeling, loading and unloading, this step is easy to forget.

If you are leaving an apartment, be sure to contact your landlord in advance to collect your deposit and return your keys. Leases can contain all sorts of fees and penalties that are easy to forget about, so make sure this process is dealt with.

Get your realtor to collect the keys to your new house prior to packing everything up and moving. This tip may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how sidetracked people can get with something as big as relocating their family. Imagine all of the trucks with your things pulling up, getting ready to unload everything and not being able to drop it off anywhere safe.

In the event that your move is a distant one, to another region of the country for example, be sure to schedule hotel reservations ahead of time.

Creating an overall inventory is a must when transporting every ounce of personal property you own. Getting every family member involved in this process gets it done a lot quicker than you would think. Also, specific family members will probably make more of an effort to organize and keep track of their things.

The stage of packing should begin at least two weeks before it is time to go. As long as it is a group effort and a good portion is done each day, it will progress smoothly and efficiently. Also, label all boxes as you see fit. This will come in handy later on, as you will not have to open up everything to locate specific items.

In terms of getting rid of things you do not need any longer, there is no greater opportunity than this one. Collect all the clothes and items you can live without and donate them. As for your perishables and other food items, empty your refrigerator about a week in advance and be sure to unplug it when you are done.

Moving day will undoubtedly be exciting for everyone, but it does not have to be hectic. Plan ahead and take your time and it will run as smoothly as it can. Do not forget about friends and family during all of this, either. Plenty of them are willing to help out. Lastly, household appliances may be cheaper to purchase later on rather than transport the ones you have presently. Take it all in steps and stick to a schedule and it will be a pleasant transition.

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Three Ways Your Business May Be Killing Your Employees and Customers

Yes, you read the title of this article right! Three overlooked causes of serious health problems are having a detrimental impact on the health of employees and customers. Fortunately, important research is bringing these vital business health concerns to light. According to a landmark 2018 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), leading Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) in homes and businesses are:

* Environmental noise;

* Air quality; and

* Water quality.

Governmental health agencies worldwide are actively studying SDoH using advanced cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. This article will discuss the importance of these findings on business owners. Other articles in this series will present inexpensive methods for improving health in polluted business environments.

Environmental Noise

Both indoor and outdoor factors contribute to the level of noise in homes and businesses. Indoor sources of noise include ventilation systems, white noise machines, and appliances and other machines. Outdoor sources of noise include cars, trucks, airplanes, playgrounds, schools, and construction and other urban activities.

According to the WHO report, the expansion of urban activities, highways, airports, and low-quality building construction increases the level of noise that people are exposed to in homes and businesses. All told, these factors are known as „environmental noise.“

In addition to hearing loss and lack of sleep, SDoH studies have revealed that excess noise has other detrimental effects on health. Guidelines based on AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% for every 10 dBA increase above the annual average of 45 dBA daytime and 35 dBA nighttime.

For example, a 50 dBA turbine installation that meets current US and EU standards, running all day, every day imposes a 7% increased risk of heart attack and stroke annually on people exposed to the turbine’s noise.

Since the typical business office „cruises along“ at 55 dBA, it’s easy to see the negative effects that noise is having on employees‘ health!

Consequently, WHO noise guidelines of 45 dBA day and night will soon be adopted in the US by the NIH, HUD, NIOSH, EPA, and HHS. This means it behooves businesses to proactively implement measures for reducing noise.

Air Quality

As opposed to noise, poor air and water quality are more „silent killers.“ In business, owners are responsible for providing a healthy workplace by ensuring proper building construction and maintenance. Management of moisture requires proper control of temperatures and ventilation to avoid excess humidity, condensation on surfaces and excess moisture in materials. Ventilation should be distributed effectively throughout spaces, and stagnant air zones avoided.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can also result from the presence of furnishings and building materials containing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, radon, and others. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been linked to certain diseases like asthma. In addition, substances such as asbestos and radon do not cause immediate symptoms but can lead to cancer after many years of exposure. Poor outdoor air quality results from vehicle exhaust, industrial pollution, commercial manufacturers and construction sites.

Poor air quality is a major health concern. Like noise, AI analysis found increased risk of serious stroke and fatal heart attacks when poor air quality (indoor and outdoor) is present. AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% when you live and work breathing poor quality indoor and outdoor air.

Water Quality

Significant adverse health effects have been associated with inadequate plumbing systems in businesses and homes stemming from poor design, incorrect installation, alterations, and inadequate maintenance.

Numerous factors affect the quality of water within a building’s piped distribution system. Poorly designed plumbing systems, for instance, can cause stagnation of water and provide a suitable environment for the proliferation of Legionella.

Moreover, improper plumbing materials, pipes, fittings and coatings can result in elevated concentrations of lead in drinking-water, and inappropriate materials can be conducive to bacterial growth.

According to the EPA, there is evidence that several metals found in drinking water (such as lead and arsenic) may contribute to heart disease or aggravate its symptoms. In addition, Stroke reports that even low exposure to arsenic is associated with an increased risk of stroke. To the surprise of investigators, AI analysis of SDoH found that the relative risk for death by heart attack or stroke increases 14% when you live and work where you drink or breathe (yes breathe) poor quality water. Researchers discovered that toxins such as lead, arsenic and even radon can be found in municipal and well water in quantities 100 times or more than found in poor quality air. Of even greater concern is that even if you do not drink the water coming from the faucet at home and work, the water that is aerosolized while running that faucet to wash your hands and aerosolized when flushing the toilet can carry enough contaminants to increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.


In conclusion, excessive environmental noise, poor air quality, and poor water quality can all lead to serious health conditions, including heart disease and stroke. When these Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are present in your businesses, they can quite literally be killing your employees and customers. Now that the findings are in, the next step for business owners is action.

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Trailering Older Horses

Long distance transport for the older horse

The details for preparing an older horse for a long trip are pretty much the same to move any horse long-distance, remembering that the recovery time for an older horse is longer than for a younger horse. Here are the steps to keep a horse safe and to make it a good experience. First let’s talk about the things that you should not do before setting off on a long trip. It is never a good idea to trim your horse’s feet or to vaccinate them a couple days before transport. How many times have we seen horses become footsore because of that trim. And of course, older horses have a higher chance of running a temperature after being vaccinated. If your horse requires a rabies certificate or requires new shoes, please do it several days prior to shipping.

The day of shipping, particularly when it is warm outside, to not grain your horse. Even with slight dehydration, a horse can impact colic from undigested grain in their system. Another note here, horses that are not great shippers have a higher incidence of ulcers. Transport can be highly stressful. Many horse vets recommend medications like Gastrogard to reduce the ulcer risk.

We’ll spend some time here talking about you transporting your horse. Later in the article I’ll have some thoughts about what to expect for your older horse by shipping with a commercial carrier. After you have successfully loaded your horse, one of the most important things you can do is to make their journey comfortable. You should not keep them tied. This prevents them from dropping their heads and keeping their sinuses clear, leading to congestion and possible pneumonia. Next, bring a sufficient supply of hay that they have been eating. Just as we are careful to slowly switch our horses from old hay to new hay at the barn, it is also important to be careful here, and not switch hay, if at all possible.

I recently transported a yearling filly The folks where I picked her up went out to the grain store and bought hay to go with her. It was not the hay that she was used to and she had loose poops as a result. It’s also important to have water available for your horse too. Most horses will not drink in the first 12 hours of transit. Particularly when it’s hot it is important to have water in front of them. We hang a Foraflex bucket and fill it half full while we are moving.

I recommend that you carry water that the horse is used to. It is not always possible but like hay it’s important to keep them eating and drinking the same things they used to at home. It’s also important carry water with you when it is hot weather, if for any reason you are delayed in transit. The last two things to consider when moving your horse cross country are blanketing in winter and rest. I encourage my clients to put a sweat sheet beneath the blanket. That way if the horse is a little upset and sweats up, the sweat has a chance to be wicked away from the body and not stay in the blanket and give them a chill. There are many thoughts about resting the horse in transit.

One is to stop for an hour every four hours to let the horse rest. Recently a study done at Texas A&M found that short periods of rest were not effective. Because I transport horses alone I need to stop each day for an eight hour rest period.

This gives the horses a chance to rest and recover and rehydrate. They come off the trailer fresh at the end of the journey. If time is not an issue and you want your horse off the trailer overnight, I recommend websites like that lists horse hotels across the country.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss commercial carriers and how they operate. Most commercial carriers have two drivers, and so equipment really never stops moving. Horses never get a chance to rest and recover. Also many carriers, never give horses their head, but keep them tied. Horses finish their trip often exhausted, dehydrated, and even sick. There are many trucking companies out there that the drivers are just that, drivers not horseman. They’re hauling freight, not horses. The other thing that happens with long-distance commercial carriers is that they don’t take the most direct route. Most recent example I can give you was a transport that I bid on and the person who bought the horse decided to have another hauler to the work, because he was cheaper. What the hauler did not tell him when he picked the horse up in Georgia to go to New York was that he was going via Texas.

Two things occurred here. First, the horse was coming from warmer climate to a winter climate and should have been blanketed for the second half of the trip. And second, the trucker did not tell the client that he was not taking the most direct route. The horse was on the trailer three days longer than necessary, exhausted and sick. So much for saving a couple hundred bucks for the transport. So when you need to use a commercial hauler there a couple of things that you should ask and get answered. First, is it the most direct route possible and second, you need at least three references. I What you horse reaches its destination. It is important to give them at least one day of no work to recover from the trip, and two days with no work is even better. I also suggest that y u give them a full day to rehydrate and not feed to any grain.

That’s it from here. Safe travel.

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Every Landlords Guide to Finding Great Tenants by Janet Portman; Book Review

Multi-unit investors are the bread and butter clients of experienced and successful real estate agents. 1031 exchanges are one of the many options for landlords-to-be. After the closing or escrow though is when the real work begins and offering ways to smooth the operational transition for new or repeat owners of rental properties, can be a great source of future referrals for real estate agents. A new book released in 2006 should be a required closing gift from the selling agent to the buyer of any multi-unit building or complex, with two or a thousand units.

Every Landlords Guide to Finding Great Tenants by Attorney Janet Portman, Nolo, 2006, ISBN 1-4133-0413-3, Paperback, 455 Pages is designed in an reader friendly format, full of icons, shaded call-out boxes, sample forms, and checklists. Easy-to-read tables outline state-specific laws on returning security deposits and showing notices, to name a few. From apartment marketing programs, how to show a rental, fielding and screening calls, and checking references, no step in the process is left out and all procedures are drilled down to the bottom line.

Ms. Portman brings an experts perspective on the law, but don’t think that this is a dry read. Engaging text sprinkled with bullet points, graphics, and clever caution points, make this the best desk reference for any landlord. Perfect for the experienced but exasperated landlord to the freshly minted, this is a must-have rental resource.

Every Landlords Guide to Finding Great Tenants comes with a handy CD-ROM, for on-the-go landlords. The CD has files of all forms featured and discussed in the book, as well as sample landlord-tenant conversations. Nothing has been left out of this complete guide and the format makes it simple to focus on a particular theme, and revisit others on a when-the-time-comes basis.

Chapter titles include; Choosing Good Tenants Makes Good Business Sense, Complying with Discrimination Laws, How to Deal with Current Tenants-Before You Look for New Ones, How to Advertise Effectively, How You Should Show Your Rental, Preparing Your Rental Application and Screening Materials, Fielding Initial Questions and Phone Screening, Prepare Your Rental for an Open House or Showing, Face to Face: Showing the Rental and Negotiating with Prospective Tenants, evaluating Rental Applications, Checking Applicant’s Credit Reports, Checking Landlord, Employer, and Personal References, Checking Applicants‘ Criminal Backgrounds, How to Choose and Work With a Tenant Screening Agency, Choosing Your New Tenant, and How to Reject-What to Say, What to Write.

This book is a solid ten and highly recommended to building owners, 1031 Exchange Qualifying Intermediaries, real estate editors and educators, leasing and rental managers, real estate agents and brokers.

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6 Financial Considerations For Home Buyers!

Since, for most, the value of their house, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, for home buyers, to proceed, wisely, and in an aware manner, throughout this process, especially, from the perspectives of a variety of financial considerations? After, over 15 years, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have witnessed, how important this process is, and seen many of the potential ramifications, when any types of short – cuts, are attempted/ created! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 of these considerations, and why, they are so significant, etc.

1. Credit worthiness: Before, beginning, one’s so – called, hunt, for a home of their own, he should, carefully, and thoroughly, consider, the full extent of his personal credit worthiness! What might be in one’s credit history, which might make getting, the best mortgage, and terms, in a timely, less – stressful manner? Go beyond, merely, the Credit Rating, but, either, yourself, or have a trusted, mortgage professional, examine it, from the perspective of getting a mortgage, and what steps, might make sense, and when, in advance, before beginning! This will assist you, in guiding you, to knowing, what you are qualified for, and what you may be able to afford, However, don’t forget to consider, your own, personal comfort zone, as it relates to this process!

2. Down – payment, and Closing Costs: Although, some types of mortgages, allow, lower down – payments, a Conventional Mortgage, generally, requires 20% down! Do you have the necessary funds, for this, as well as the payments, needed, known as Closing Costs (often, many thousands of dollars, more)? If you do, will using your personal funds, for this purpose, present future ramifications, in terms of preparing for repairs, renovations, and unforeseen expenses, involved in home ownership?

3. Afford monthly costs/ expenses: How confident are you, you will comfortably, be able to afford, the monthly costs, and expenses, of owning a house? Consider all costs, including the mortgage (principal, and interest payments), real estate taxes, escrow items (such as insurance, etc), and the savings to maintain reserves for contingencies, such as repairs, renovations, upgrades, appliance – related costs, etc!

4. Prepare for repairs: Some repairs are predictable, and somewhat – normal, and to – be – expected, and some may be unforeseen! A wise approach is to create a separate account/ fund, specifically, for repairs, and putting a realistic amount in, monthly, in order to self – insure, and be, as prepared, as possible!

5. Renovations and upgrades: Most people have some degree of individual taste, and, therefore, almost every new homeowner, makes certain changes, especially, in terms of decorating, refinishing floors, painting, etc. Other renovations may include addressing the fixtures and appliances, in the kitchen, the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, etc. In addition, many people decide, they need to upgrade, or make other changes/ alterations! The reality, and best approach, must be, to be prepared, from the beginning/ onset!

6. Will you find home ownership, part of the American Dream, or will it be a nightmare?: Doesn’t it make sense, to attempt, to make this event, and the act, of owning a home, of your home, as enjoyable, as possible? The alternative, often, may be unnecessary stress!

Before you consider, buying a home, be, as prepared, and ready, as possible! Will you be?

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Source by Richard Brody

Tips For First Time Car Buyers to Get Online Auto Loans

What Are First Time Buyer Auto Loan Programs?

Whether you are buying your first new or used car or are planning to apply for online auto loans for the first time, understanding how automobile dealerships and lenders see you, and what you can do to improve that image, can help you to be prepared in advance of applying for online auto loans for the first time, so that you will be in a better position to get approved for an car loan with a lower interest rate and better terms. After all, you want your monthly auto loan payment to be the lowest it can possibly be, right?

Who might apply for first time buyer car loans? Some people that first time auto loan programs can help could be:

* Teenagers, personally buying their first car in their own name will need to apply for first time buyer auto loans as they have no credit history behind them

* College students living away from home for the first time frequently have not had time to build a credit history before leaving for school and so will often need to apply for first time buyer car loan programs

* People that have always paid cash for a vehicles in the past, but now want to upgrade to a newer one or are forced to take out automobile loan because they do not have the cash funds to buy a vehicle at present

* Immigrants that have moved here from other countries, and thus have left their credit histories behind, may need to apply for first time auto loan programs in order to start building a credit history

Not All First Time Auto Loan Borrowers are in the Same Boat

The first thing to realize is that not all first time borrowers are in the same boat. There can be a lot of differing factors that can either work in your favor, or against you when you are applying for online auto financing. For instance:

* Are you employed full or part time? If you are not employed, do you have an income? Not being employed is not necessarily a game stopper, but if you plan to have your name on the title of the car and on the auto finance, you will need to demonstrate that you have either a job, regular income, or other funds that you will be paying your monthly auto loan payment from. Of course, the higher that your income is, the easier it will be to qualify for lower interest rate first time buyer auto loan programs.

* Do you have no credit history, because you are just starting out your financial life, or do you have a bad credit history/low credit score because you have had a few credit slip-ups in the past? Dealerships will certainly work with you in either case. However, if you have a low credit score, depending on how bad your credit history is, the dealership may be inclined to offer you a higher rate of interest and a lower credit limit on first time buyer auto loans as opposed to someone that has not made any credit mistakes in their financial life yet.

Note, see our recent article entitled „How to Get Approved for an Auto Loan with Bad Credit if you have Low Income“ to learn how to get unwanted items removed from your credit report to bring up your credit score.

* Will you have any funds available to make a down payment on your auto loan? Whether you are applying for first time buyer auto loans, or if you have had auto loans in the past and just need another one now, what every auto dealership or lender is going to take into consideration when assessing your application and the items on this list is; how much of a risk are they taking in making an auto loan to you and what if anything can they get you to do to mitigate that risk. Making a down payment is one thing that you can do to mitigate the dealership’s risk, making them more likely to quickly approve your automobile loan and to give you a more reasonable interest rate. In addition, a down payment will obviously bring down what you owe on the vehicle and so your monthly payments will be lower and more affordable. Down payments are usually not required to get online auto loans, but they can be very helpful when negotiating with a dealership. Even a small down payment can make a difference in how the dealership sees you.

* Is there someone that you know that would be willing to cosign for you on your auto loan? Cosigners are not required in order to get online auto loans, even if you have bad credit or no credit history at all. However, the use of a cosigner can save you a lot of money and make the application process go much more quickly and smoothly. A cosigner is someone that puts their name on your loan application along with yours, guaranteeing that the loan will be repaid. The limit and maximum amount of your automotive loan will be determined by the cosigner’s income and credit standing, not yours. So, if you choose to have a cosigner, make sure to pick one that has a high credit score. With a cosigner, there is really no need to look for first time buyer auto loans because you will be treated by the dealership as though the higher credit score and income were yours.

* What is the ratio of your monthly housing payment as compared to your income? A little known fact is that auto dealerships and lenders pay attention to this number. For instance, if you make $1,000 per month income, and your monthly housing cost is $300, then your housing cost takes 30% of your income. Anything over 40% will send up a red flag to the dealership/lender and they may need convincing that you can make your monthly payments on time. Take this into consideration when you complete your auto finance application.

Taking the above items into consideration, you should be able to get a clearer picture of how automotive dealerships and automotive loan lenders see you, and what you can do to control that image, at least to some extent. Once you have submitted your application, the die has been cast and you will see what the dealership offers you at that point.

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5 Common Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

If you are going to buy your first home, you may be excited as well as nervous. This process can be full of complexities. Therefore, you may want to be properly prepared in order to make sure that you buy the best home to satisfy your needs. Given below are some common mistakes that you may want to make during this adventure.

1. Not doing Proper Research

First of all, you may want to understand the needs and finances of your family. For this purpose, you may want to analyze your assets and liabilities. Once you are approved for finance, you can go ahead and start your search for the right house. You should be familiar with your neighborhood as well. Make sure that your neighborhood has quality schools, transport facilities, and other amenities.

2. Opting for the Wrong Mortgage

Before you look for the best house, you should be in the best position to negotiate. Make sure you choose your finance package after proper research. You may also want to use the services of an independent finance broker in addition to your bank. These institutions have access to a lot of finance products and lenders.

3. Waiting too Long

There is no doubt that the prices of real estate properties continue to fluctuate based on the rule of demand and supply. However, if you just keep waiting for the prices to come down, you are putting the future of your family at risk.

So, what you need to do is set your budget considering your future needs. This will help you buy the right house at the right time.

4. Crossing your Budget Limit

It is not a good idea to go beyond your budget limit. You may want to go for a property that can satisfy your budget. Even if you like a house, you should only go for it if it falls in your price range. After all, you don’t want to get in trouble down the road.

All of us want a little more than we can actually afford. So, no matter what your real estate agent suggests, you should never be tempted. Spending more than what you can afford can put you in financial trouble in the near future.

5. Falling in Love

If you have found a house that you have fallen in love with, make sure the seller’s agent does not get even a hint of it. Typically, agents are very smart, which is why they can read your emotions. If you cannot afford a house that you just love, don’t just pay more than what you can afford. You can find a better alternative at the right price.

Long story short, you may want to avoid these 5 mistakes if you are looking to purchase your first home. By avoiding these common mistakes, it will be easier for you to get the right house at the right price. Hopefully, these steps will help you get the best deal without making costly mistakes.

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Source by Shalini M

Looking to Buy a Home – Some Important Tips on Timing the Buy

If you have been looking to buy a home and looking for the right lender based on their interest rate offerings, you might be tempted to think that the current time is the right time to buy a home because of the low prevailing interest rates.

When buying a home, low interest rates should not be the sole factor that determines your purchasing decision. You should also consider the long-term repayment commitment that is involved in having a mortgage. You need to consider several factors before deciding to sign your financial future over to a lending institution.

Small interest rate movements can have a big effect

Though the interest rates are still lower, it has started to rise in the last few months. In spite of this, home owners are still willing to go for mortgage loan as revealed by a recent poll of home owners. According to the poll results, 35% of the respondents are not concerned about their ability to make payments even if the interest rate rises. But this attitude can be risky and might upset the balance in your family budget. This can be best illustrated by a following scenario.

Assuming you had taken a mortgage loan of $130,000 for 25 years at 4.5% interest rate. If the current rate of interest goes up to 7.5%, you would have to make additional monthly payments of $230, and your overall interest payments would increase by another $70,000.

This shows how a small change in the interest rates can affect your monthly payments as well as the overall interest payment. You have to take variables like that into consideration when deciding how much you can afford. Young homeowners who are in the age group of 18 to 34 would usually fear the rising interest rates. That’s because they are more likely to have larger mortgage balances. But by having a clear financial plan in place for the next 10 to 15 years, youngsters should be able to overcome this fear.

Getting ready to buy a home

After doing a thorough analysis of your future financial needs, if you have decided that this is the right time to buy a property, then you need to consider the following factors while shopping for your home:

  • How much you can really afford

Based on your financial planning calculations, you would have arrived at a mortgage amount that you could afford. If you have not done so, you have to work on the mortgage amount with which you would be able to still maintain a decent life style.

  • Making the right trade-off decisions

You need to decide on a smaller home or a bigger home, based on your allowable budget. If you are willing to spend less in the future, you can opt for a bigger home. But if you don’t want to make changes to your lifestyle, you might be required to settle for a smaller home.

  • Fitting the mortgage into your long-term financial plan

While determining your long-term plan, you should look at your future earning potential. The monthly payments should not limit your desired lifestyle now or in retirement.

Even after buying a home, its a wise decision to give your mortgage a once-over on an annual basis. Today’s mortgages come with many options such as re-amortization, and making lump sum payments.

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Source by Christianne Child

Fast Facts About Renting Vs Buying a Home

Today’s sales in the real estate market are still experiencing weak returns, but many fearless home buyers take the opportunity of making their dreams a reality, and perhaps others (like renters) should think likewise, as there are many advantages to owning a home now compared years back. Although the process of buying a home can be heavy in the budget and emotionally and physically draining, the benefits in the long run will outrun those. Here are a handful of facts about owning a home compared with renting:

1. A smorgasbord of homes for sale to choose from – Although it is difficult to obtain the exact number of homes available for sale listed on the market today, the Internet, on the other hand, is only an indication that the market is flooded because of what the country experienced economically years back. However, real estate listings or multiple listing services (MLS), like Colorado Springs MLS, give home buyers a bird’s eye view on how many properties are listed by a certain a location, say, in Colorado Springs real estate or among Colorado Springs homes for sale for example.

2. The perks of renegotiating on the price – Again, due to the influx of existing homes for sale (Colorado Springs homes for sale included), and some staying longer than usual in the market, sellers are forced to lower their prices, while others would even share costs, and „give away“ their other fixtures, furniture, appliances, and other tangibles, just so to dispose their properties. All these information are usually written or mentioned in the purchasing agreement.

3. Enormous benefits and satisfaction of being a home owner – When you rent, more than likely your activities are limited to and linked with HOA guidelines. As for being a homeowner, you can do what you love doing and to invite as many people as you want in the comfort of your own home. Rebuilding, repairing, rearranging the furniture and everything you would want as an owner is easy, as opposed to renting, when you just have to settle for the limited number of things and what to do in your small space. While it is true that renting may be more convenient for others and owning a home is just for some, it is also true that the benefits of having one’s own home will be incurred and enjoyed for life.

4. Community involvement – It is much easier to establish a long-term relationship between neighbors in a community that in a condominium or an apartment. Other tenants can just easily move elsewhere, rather than when owning a home, you can even participate in community activities and be more involved.

5. Interest rates are at the bottom and even no money down programs can be availed of – If you have bad credit, it can be harder for you to enjoy these privileges. But if you have a good credit statement, then consider this opportunity in no time. You can ask your realtor or local funding agencies for more information about the type of mortgage fit for you and its requirements.

6. Fixed payments and incurring home equity – Leasing can be good, that is, if the monthly rent will remain the same during your entire stay and rental property owners will be gracious in doing so (which is oftentimes doubtful as maintenance or upkeep is relative to economic circumstances). As when you choose a fixed-rate mortgage (whether 15- or 30-year loans), the amount you pay regularly is fixed during the whole loan period. Plus, the fact that your payment is building up on something tangible, and quite rewarding when that day comes when you officially own the home you paid for.

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